Market Selection

Don’t waste your time scrubbing through spreadsheets trying to find the best markets. Escape the competition by instantly visualizing the hottest land flipping markets with our Nationwide Heat Mapping tool.

Saves 34.8 hours / mo.

Through our Market Selection tools the average LI users saves 34.8 hours per month on market selection and has an average DOMs of 35.16 days.

Automatic Land Scrubbing

Quickly remove landlocked, sloped, flood zones,wetlands, and odd shaped properties with just a click of a button.

Increases ROAS by 91.67%

Through our Land Scrubbing tools the average LI users increases their ROAS by 91.67% and saves 34% on their marketing costs.

Price Your Markets With Ease

Remove the guesswork by getting instant pricing insights on all Counties & Zip Codes with our Gini Index. As well as all active and sold pricing data broken down by acreage range.

increases offer accuracy by 48%

Through our Pricing tools the average LI users increases their offer accuracy by 48% and increases their response rate by 33%.

Skip Tracing

With a click of a button generate owner phone numbers & emails from the most premium identity intelligence systems commercially available. Enjoy no skiptrace minimums & deeply discounted pricing of 6 cents per record.

90% accurate hit rate

Through our Skip Tracing tools the average LI users gets a 90% accurate hit rate for all individual owners, LLCs, and Trusts.

Case Studies

Since using Land Insights, our days on market to sell a property acquired has gone from 80-90 days to sell that property all the way down to 14-21 days to sell that property.

– Tom L.

Land insights has been a game changer. Before researching and pricing markets would literally take me days, using land insights I’ve been able to cut it down to only a few hours a week. I can’t imagine running this business without land insights.

– Max H.

Land Insights is like a cheat code for your investing business. It saves hundreds of hours a year of choosing profitable markets, and gives you confidence to scale to the point we all want to, without having to work 80 hours a week. I can’t imagine doing this business without it, and if they charged me $1,000 a month, I’d still think it was cheap.

– Jesse E.

Immediately, like that, you can identify and pinpoint what are the 4 best markets in the state.

– Ryan L.

I can’t imagine market selection without Land Insights. I’m pulling 35,000 new ownership records a month. That scale requires 20-30 new markets a month. When used correctly and consistently, Land Insights will overload you with the best markets in the United States.

– Andrew L.

Land insights simplifies the hardest aspects of land investing by quantifying market selection and pricing in one easy to use interface. With the constant updates, I stay on top of market trends at a micro and macro level. What used to take me hours now takes me minutes, resulting in a fundamental change in my output and bottom line.

– Preston D.

I started with land insights from the very beginning. Before using it, I was having to assemble the data manually. Which took enormous amounts of time. As this tool has developed, it is clear that it represents a significant edge in terms of time savings when identifying markets containing pools of liquidity and strong price action.

– Jerry D.

Land Insights is honestly the most important tool that I have in my entire land investing business.

– Sean H.

Land Insights has been an amazing tool at jump starting my land business, especially as a new investor. I’ve saved significant time on my market selection and have also seen a noticeable increase in the quality of properties I’m getting leads on. If you want to scale and see success quickly, there’s nothing else like Land Insights.

– Jacob F.

Everyone, Land Insights is game changing!! This will realistically shave 5+ hours per week of work. If you haven’t signed up for it yet you need to. Once again, LIA absolutely changing the game.

– Michael B.

Has anyone seen their leads go through the roof after using Land Insights? I’m up to just a tick over a 1% response rate for my mailers since picking markets using it.

– Ben G.

Land Insights has completely eliminated the gathering data part of that process for me which now allows me to get right to picking the best markets literally in minutes.

– Josh P.

Choosing the correct markets to work in is crucial for us as land investors. Land Insights centralizes all the essential data in one location, so I can quickly assess markets and make well-informed decisions. It has allowed me to free up countless hours per week that I previously dedicated to market research, enabling me to use that time to focus on other aspects of my business.

– Ray M.

Just Signed up for this. Value is incredible. Not sure if everyone realizes the value in this tool!

– Gary A.